My Viking and I for Viva Las Vegas last weekend. 

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I’ve been up all night working on and off on this paper. Ugh.

I’m done with life. I’ve had it with these health problems. 

Due to my body being an asshole, I won’t be able to kiss my boyfriend for another month or so. Thanks a lot. I hate this.



First of all, I apologize for the bad photoshop job lol. I wanted it to look pretty. If you can’t see it that well, here’s a full-sized one.

I like to think of lolita and ouji as twins and aristocrat as the elder sibling. Sometimes they can cross over, especially aristocrat and ouji.

Aristocrat: most mature, minimal skin, very straight cuts

Lolita: about knee-length dresses and skirts with poof from a petticoat

Ouji: Boyish, often with fantasy type influences (example: pirates), usually consisting of vest, blouse, and shorts

I typed up a more detailed version on my blog if you’d like to read more.

I like this graphic a lot

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I found fairy tale manga erotica. Ho ho ho! <3

Thinking about saving up so I can travel to a few places next year and do shoots. I want to shoot in Canada and the West Coast, for sure. 


I hope all the nonvegans out there have a really nice Claim To Care About The Earth Whilst Also Contributing To The Leading Factors Of Its Destruction Day

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